The company was founded in 1962 by Olav Olsen. He was a very skilled student and famous for his theory: "Continuous Shells" ® In short, one can say that the company is built on his doctoral thesis on concrete shell structures. 60 years of resilient and socially beneficial structures have given us a substantial competence bank. From the early 1970s, the company played a significant role in the development and engineering of the Condeep platforms in the North Sea, which has made major contributions to the development of modern Norway.  We are now applying this core competence to a wide range of tasks such as fjord crossings, urban development, fixed and floating foundations for offshore wind and other structures in and by the sea.

Today we are 140 employees at Lysaker outside Oslo in Trondheim and Ålesund.  In 2020, we became part of Artelia Group, an engineering company with a presence in 40 countries and headquarter in France.