We perform inspection services and produce FDV documentation of all types of constructions and infrastructure. In many of our projects we deliver 360 degree panoramic pictures developed from high-resolution photography. Working with normal imagery is often problematic since the photographer needs to capture everything that might be important in retrospect and because the user of a picture often wonders what is outside the frame. With panoramic photographs, this is no longer an issue since the photos can be rotated to the desired perspective.

Panoramic photos can be combined in a model, as shown above, and in addition we can add various types of information to the model. In our experience using these models have a great cost reduction potential for the projects, especially in cases where access is challenging or working with remote sites that normally would require much travelling.

Examples of additional information that can be added to the models are:

  • Close-up photos of details
  • Exact location of measurement probes and interactive presentation of data
  • User manuals, instructions for use of equipment
  • Links to external web pages, such as supplier
  • Equipment tags
  • Maintenance status, etc.


We can produce panoramic photos taken from ground or in air and are certified by the Norwegian Aviation Authority in the highest category for unmanned flight. We have extensive experience from photo-documenting confined spaces such as inside hydro power turbines. All we need to enter the turbine is a 30 cm inspection hatch.

In addition to 360 degree photography, we can offer 360 degree video as shown below. These videos can be rotated to the desired perspective while being played and is suited for VR.

Our interactive solutions can be tailored to fulfill costumer needs, for instance by combining 3D-models, panoramic photos, FEM-analysis models and measurement data. This way it is possible to access multiple types of documentation from one place. We have our own secure web based portal where we can safely share content with our customers.