Dr.techn. Olav Olsen is a structural engineering and marine technology consultancy, providing conceptual studies and detailed design of both offshore and onshore structures.

Heavier concrete structures such as bridges, quays, industrial plants and offshore concrete platforms have been the company's special characteristics and trademarks. The office today engages a broader range of assignments, with common goals for optimal and environmental design and construction solutions. 

Based on our long experience from the offshore oil and gas industry, the company has developed several concepts, studies, and solutions for offshore wind-, wave, tide and thermal energy. The company has developed unique foundation solutions for bottom fixed wind turbines, both in concrete and steel.  The company offers packages related to risk, development of tools for cycle of energy, model tank testing procedures, industrialization in addition to development of recommended practices and guidelines for design of floaters for large wind turbines.

A brief look at our history:

The company was established in 1962, by Dr.ing. Olav Olsen. He was an reputabel engineer with several years practice in other companies. Olav Olsen was known for his smart and solid solutions, and his doctoral thesis: "Continuous shells" emphasizes this. The majority of his doctoral work consists of complicated calculations and advanced equations.

Olav Olsen's work and knowledge in shell theory should in 1980 result in him being the first Norwegian to be awarded the international FIP medal (Fédération Internationale de la Précontrainte) and the Gustave Magnel Golden Medal for his significant efforts in the development of Offshore concrete structures. He also received the honourable membership of the Norwegian Concrete Association. 

His son, Tor Ole Olsen, was the managing director from 1996 to 2010.  During theese years he was responsible for giving the company a positive and significant growth.  Today the company is managed by Olav Weider. 110 highly qualified employees are located at Lysaker outside Oslo,  and at Pirsenteret in Trondheim.  The company is owned by the french company Artelia Group.

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