Innovasjon og teknologi


Dr.techn.Olav Olsen has a proud legacy of “firsts” with regards to new concepts and solutions and innovative approaches which improve the design, costs and constructability of structures.  Some of these have been instrumental to the development of the Oil & Gas industry in harsh environments.
This legacy is an inspiration for us and we constantly challenge ourselves to push state of the art to meet our clients’ requirements for safe, efficient and ground-breaking structures.

Business development and new ventures

OO has over the years been initiator to and co-founder of a number of companies built on ideas and business cases which match our strategy and where our experience, competence and market position have added significant value.


Examples of recent ventures are:

Dr.techn.Olav Olsen is also an attractive partner for entrepreneurs and existing companies with ideas where our contribution/participation can add value or reduce risks.  If you have a business idea which you believe will be strengthened with OO on board, you are welcome to contact us!


Patents and proprietary knowledge

OO has during the course of our business practise developed a number of concepts, ideas and technologies which have been patented or are part of our proprietary knowledge.  Our IPR include offshore concepts, construction and material technologies and solutions.

Computer tools and software

As an integrated part of our work, we have developed a number of computer tools and software which allow us to work efficiently and utilize our previous experience for the benefit of clients in new projects.

ShellDesign is the latest generation of our design tools for large structures of reinforced concrete.  ShellDesign and previous versions have been used in a wide range of offshore and industry projects.

ShellDesign allows for efficient design and code check of very large concrete structures subjected to a large number of loads for all relevant limit states.

Through an innovative approach, ShellDesign can also model the non-linear structural response as part of the conventional design process.  We claim that ShellDesign is perhaps the only design software available which makes it practical to account for non-linear structural response of very large structures.  This feature leads to safer and more optimized structures and may also give advantages such as reduced material quantities,  improved constructability and more efficient engineering, all resulting in lower costs.Innovasjon og teknologi