OO-Star Wind Floater (pat.)


Semisubmersible for Offshore Floating Wind

Energy is in strong demand worldwide and the market for bottom fixed wind turbines is growing fast in areas with suitable waterdepths and seabed conditions. However, the majority of countries demanding offshore wind energy do not have the suitable shallow waters close to shore. For these countries floating wind turbines will be a preferred option. 

The number of existing floating solutions for offshore wind is limited and there is an urgent need to develop new and cost effective solutions. In response to this Dr.techn.Olav Olsen (OO) has developed a new and innovative concept for floating wind: The OO-Star Wind Floater. This is a robust semisubmersible floating unit made of concrete and/or steel which can support large wind turbines in harsh environment.
The OO-Star Wind Floater is unique compared to other floating concepts, due to its simplicity in design, construction and installation. The floater can be built in steel or concrete, or a combination of the two materials. 
The OO-Star Wind Floater can be constructed locally worldwide, with a limited infrastructure in place. There are many local contractors worldwide that can build these structures with proper supervision by Dr.techn.Olav Olsen. Fabrication of the hull structure can be done on floating barges, in a dry dock or on a quay. For low cost mass production an efficient fabrication yard on land will be established. Mass production is expected to reduce cost per unit significantly compared to one-off projects.
Quayside completion – Robust with regard to turbine size
The OO-Star Wind Floater allows for inshore completion, including tower, generator and rotor. The complete unit can float with a small draft and no deep water is required for fabrication or transit. The WTG tower, nacelle and rotor will be lift installed at quayside. In this way the use of expensive offshore cranes for installation is eliminated. The complete turbine is towed to site and connected to pre-set mooring lines. The OO Star Wind Floater provides a robust and stable base for the wind turbine, preventing unfavorable motion and fatigue problems. The concept is robust with regard to turbine size, and the interface level between a concrete substructure and steel tower is flexible in order to improve fatigue life for the steel tower.