Structural and Hydrodynamic Analysis


Non-linear structural analysis

Dr.techn.Olav Olsen performs linear structural analysis of steel and concrete structures.
Detailed non-linear and post-failure assessments are also conducted for a range of applications such as:

  • Transient dynamic loading like seismic loads, blasts and impacts
  • Postbuckling analysis
  • Hydrodynamic analyses of slender structures
  • Coupled structure – temperature evaluations

Non-linear design of concrete
Shelldesign, a non-linear design tool has been developed by Dr.techn.Olav Olsen for the detail design and construction of the MPU Heavy Lifter. The software is fully compatible with the DNV suite of programs.
The design tool includes linear and non-linear behaviour of reinforced concrete. Code check calculations according to NS 3473 can be carried out.