Ports and Industry


Dr.techn.Olav Olsen has extensive experience in the design of coastal and harbor structures. We assist in planning of port areas, the design of fairways, quays, jetties, breakwaters and other harbor structures. We also participate in projects where buildings are to be supported in the border zone between land and water.

Using experience we have from offshore structures and industry projects we can assist with concept development and design of unconventional structures in the coastal zone, and have expertise in floating structures in harsh environment.

Selected projects:
• Feasibility study for floating concrete quay in arctic environment (Longyearbyen Port Authority)
• Design and detail engineering of new oil terminal jetty accommodating up to two 320,000 dwt VCCLs (Alexela Sløvåg AS)
• Design of 665 m long pile supported quay at Sjursøya container port (Oslo Port Authority)
• Preperatinon of tender documents for the new quay at Dokken Vest (Bergen Port Authority)