Renewable Energy

Dr.techn.Olav Olsen AS has developed several concepts, studies, and solutions for offshore wind-  and wave power, based on our long experience in the offshore oil and gas.
The company has developed unique foundation solutions for fixed wind turbines, both in concrete and steel. Our self-floating gravity foundation may be aligned with the turbine by land,  and towed to the field to be ballasted to the seabed. It's costsaving and reduces risk by avoiding offshore installation of turbine and tower. Our unique steel jacket design can be equipped with various foundations and is especially designed to withstand fatigue loads from a wind turbine with wave loads. Jacket solution is also particularly suitable for cost-effective mass production. The comapany believes in the market for floating wind turbines and has in addition to assisting the Norwegian Hydro in the development of Hywind also developed its own semi-solutions for floating wind, both in steel and concrete.
Within the segment, wave-power,  we have participated in several R & D projects and was also central in the development of wave power plant to Langlee.