The Telegraph building in Oslo resurface


Kongensgate 21 in Oslo, also known as the Telegraph building, and featured as one of the major works in Norwegian architecture, was designed by Arneberg and Poulsson, also known as the City-Hall architects in Oslo.


The building was constructed in reinforced concrete, with exquisite use of Norwegian marble in all stairs and flooring. When it was built in 1924 it was Norway's 3rd largest buildings. It would be a fireproof monumental building, workplace for more than 1,000 employees, and Norway's most important center for contemporary communication.
Autumn 2016 the building was sold, and new owners, amongst them, Malling and Vedal will now  rehabilitated and rebuilt the whole building. The building was purchased for just over 500mill. (The most expensive real estate purchase in Norway in 2016), Dr.techn.Olav Olsen AS is responsible building / structural engineering, and the new "Telegraph building" will resurface in 2020.

Photo: KIMA arkitektur/Oslo