The company Dr.techn.Olav Olsen (OO) has for the last 30 years developed design tools which enable high quality and efficient design of large concrete structures. OO has participated in the design of the majority of all offshore concrete structures in the world. A team in OO, consisting of the best of specialists combined with years of design experience for concrete structures, has in the last decade worked with the development of a consistent and practical design tool through innovative solutions. This design tool is named ShellDesign.


Illlustrasjon: Terje Olsen



The motivation for developing a design tool like ShellDesign is to make concrete structures more competitive. In addition it will contribute to safer structures. Using ShellDesign for the design of complex concrete structures will imply added value for customers, such as reduced costs, improved constructability, increased revenue due to increased operability and documentation of robustness in existing structures. It may also enable new types of structure to be built.