Work Environment



Our company has traditionally emphasised enjoyment and a good working environment for its employees. We work in a knowledge based and people dependent industry, where we depend on competent and innovative engineers. Central to our philosophy is the demand for competence and a healthy project economy.

The technical personnel in the consultancy consists of junior and more experienced engineers and technicians, as well as skilled draughtsmen. The development of our employees is central to our consultancy's development, and we ensure that the facilities required for life-long learning are available to all.








The company regulary hosts technical meetings and discussion groups, where technical updates and the exchange of knowledge and experience take place. In addition to this, personnel regularly attend external courses in order to update and extend their specialist competences.

The consultancy regards it as of utmost importance to develop its employees, and actively seeks opportunities to do this. Integrated into this ethos is the aim that we as early as possible will attempt to achieve RIF-approval for our engineers. The consultancy currently has 28 RIF-approved consultant engineers.