OO Safety Week

Publisert: 23. May, 2022

Safety at the construction site is always a matter of course, but also in our daily work as consultants for the construction industry, our responsibility for safe design is given in the delivery. We must in every project put safety first.

The 2nd week in May, we had close follow-up on safety both at the construction site and workplaces. We have professional lunches, internal presentations with safety as a theme, we have first aid and defibrillator courses, and distribution of new safety equipment in accordance with new regulations, says VP Project in Dr.techn. Olav Olsen, Knut-Ola Lunde. He emphasizes the importance of this in all assignments regardless of content scope, geographical location and size. "We are responsible for thinking safety in the execution phase of what we design. We unfortunately observe from time to another unfortunate events in the industry due to poor or deficient assessments regarding safety. Safety must never be at the expense of consideration for cost and time" concludes Lunde.