A few kilometers by bike and on foot can make everyday life better for others

Publisert: 24. November, 2022

In this year's Bycycle-competition, employees of Dr.techn. Olav Olsen AS have generated nearly 17,000 km between home and workplace by bicycle, running or walking, and each km covered generates an amount that is donated to a chosen charitable purpose. This year we have chosen World Bicycle Relief, and their work to improve transport options in developing countries.

Sports Manager Håkon Drengsrud says that every year various sporting events are held in the company and the cycling competition (where it is also possible to walk/run, roller ski etc.) has wide support among the employees. We also have a winter edition of the competition we call the OO Winter Challenge, and we encourage everyone to take part. We believe that it is also extra motivating to be able to contribute to a better everyday life for others, at the same time that the health and environmental aspects of cycling, walking or running to work are taken care of, says Håkon and also includes the possibility to use roller skis , skates or e-bikes in the competition.


Read more about World Bicycle Relief and their work here.