Tor Ole Olsen resigns from his Presidency in fib.

Publisert: 4. May, 2021

The international concrete association fib, fédération Internationale du béton, is a non-profit organization that works with practical and scientific topics to positively develop the concrete industry technically, economically, aesthetically and environmentally. Dr.techn. Olav Olsen’s Tor Ole Olsen has just ended his term as president in fib.

The association has members on many levels, including 41 member nations. These nations produce 86% of all the world's cement, so the association's work results are of great importance. For those of you who know the Norwegian Concrete Association, fib is quite similar in terms of vision, working methods and social cohesion. Tor Ole says it has been a great period, and there are very many competent and nice people in fib who performs useful volunteer work for the community, and the association has a skilled secretariat in Lausanne. There are many things that happen in fib, also customary association matters.

In the last year, there has been a lot of work to move and transform symposia, and then arrange them in a new form. Tor Ole attended three foreign meetings before the world closed down last year. Thanks to the great ability to adapt in the secretariat, the digital meeting places and everything around them came into place quickly, and it was still a year of high activity and events. The young people in particular were very active, and have gathered participants from over 40 nations in webinars. Recently, a webinar was arranged with over 100 participants, about submerged floating tube bridge, where Norway and Dr.techn. Olav Olsen has played a central role.

During the period, a lot of work has been done with Model Code 2020, focus on the young, focus on the environment and resilience, increased activity with ACI and other nations' concrete associations, and visibility of values created.

fib organizes Symposium every year, PhD Symposium every other year, Conceptual Design Symposium every other year, and many other professional events. fib Congress is held every four years, in 2022 it is in Oslo. In 2023, there will be the fib Conceptual Design Symposium in Norway.

All in all, a great experience for Tor Ole, and hopefully also something positive for Norway, the Norwegian Concrete Association and Dr.techn. Olav Olsen, who through these two years have been important and financial supporters. Tor Ole also has a commitment as immidiate past president, especially during a two-year period of participation on the board, for MC 2020 as mentioned above, and as responsible for Awards.

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