The worlds largest hatchery for salmon smolt to be built in Norway

Publisert: 23. April, 2021

SalMar Settefisk will build the world's largest hatchery at the Tjuin industrial area in central Norway, where construction phase 1 has a floor area of approximately 17,000 m2 and an annual production of approximately 20 million smolts. The project will be carried out in a working partnership between contractor Consto and process supplier Krüger Kaldnes.

Dr.techn. Olav Olsen is engaged by main contractor Consto to carry out the design of all cast-in-place concrete in the facility, which includes basins for RAS facilities (water recycling facilities), foundations for prefabricated elements, bottoms and foundations for all fish tanks, and all floors on the ground. 

The plant has a one RAS (Recirculation Aquaculture System) per department, which leaves a small environmental footprint due to recycling of the water used in the plant. A closed facility also gives little chance of getting disease, which has a positive impact on the salmon's health and welfare. The interface between concrete work and the process plant is maintained through a close collaboration with RAS supplier Krüger Kaldnes, which has extensive experience with such plants.

Good and efficient solutions are ensured by close cooperation between all parties inwolved in the project, which is planned to be build with two construction stages. The first to be started now will be completed in the summer of 2023. Construction phase two is expected to start during 2023. Total cost of the plant is estimatet to be 1 billion NOK.