Illustration: AW Energy

WaveRoller successfully installed

Publisert: 19. November, 2019

Congratulations to AW Energy for installing the innovative and promising WaveRoller technology in Portugal October 25th. Olav Olsen is proud to have designed the “self-installing” concrete foundation for the WaveRoller unit. It has been an exciting project to work with requiring innovative thinking and close focus on cost and practicality.

The concrete foundation is a very robust and simple structure which can be installed and removed without crane vessels or barges. It is self floating during transport and is installed by filling seawater in a controlled sequence. Removal is reverse installation by pumping air into the structure and it will come up by itself.

The concept was developed by Olav Olsen in close co-operation with AW Energy, with focus on cost effectivity, durability, scalability and robust marine operations without use of expensive equipment. The concept is able to support significantly larger wave panels without growing in size. Together with a great potentials for standardization and local fabrication we foresee a significant reduction of energy cost from this technology which can be a future winner within the Wave Energy segment.